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Aluminum Hot Dross Machine
Product Details

Aluminum hot dross recycle production line including hot dross separate machine, hot dross cooling machine, dross milling and screening machine.

Hot dross machine is used for separate dross and aluminum through slagging agent.

Cooling machine is used for cooling hot dross by water, water tank is included already,minimum cooling machine length is 4600mm, cooling machine length will be match with hot dross machine capacity.

Milling and screening machine is used for milling dross by milling ball to small size and distribute dross on basis of size. 

Aluminum recycle rate is more than 85%.

whole line of aluminum recycle

Chain type lifting hot dross machine

Slagging agent for hot dross separate

Spare parts for hot dross machine

Cooling machine for hot dross

                                      Each machine connect with each other

Milling ball

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